Health Media Literacy is Core Curriculum

Health Media Literacy is Core Curriculum

Navigating the current pandemic requires that young people acquire an increasingly complex set of skills, such as understanding statistical data, evaluating the credibility and truthfulness of health information, analyzing the risks and benefits of a particular treatment or vaccine, and interpreting test results. An essential skill in 2021 is health media literacy.

Critical Media Health Literacy

Just when I think cultivating healthy kids and healthy schools is too much of an uphill battle, I am inspired by young people (and the adults in their lives) like Zach Maxwell who understand what it means to be both

Media Literacy Education, Families & the War on Soda

This winning video contest entry from the Sullivan Family in Nashville, Tennessee, USA is worth sharing for its collective and creative family effort at publicly engaging in the current debate over soda consumption and health. Peter Sullivan, a stay-at-home dad,