The seeds of Project Literacy Among Youth (PLAY) were sown in the late 1990s by an exquisite group of media educators that comprised the Media Workshop New York—a project of the Bertelsmann Foundation and the brainchild of the Center for Children and Technology (CCT) and the Education Development Center (EDC).

As a staff developer and director of special projects at the Media Workshop New York, Vanessa E. Greenwood (formerly Domine) leveraged her skills to become the founder and executive director of PLAY in 1999. PLAY is an outgrowth of the media literacy education and technology integration accomplished by the MWNY staff through the real experiences of students, teachers, and principals within the New York City Schools.

For more than 15 years, PLAY has provided clients from all over the educational and geographical maps with cutting-edge educational research, curriculum development, hands-on workshops, online courses, technology planning, and program evaluation services.

Developing healthy individuals, families, and communities is of paramount importance. To this end, PLAY is committed to services and projects that promote media, technology, and health literacies. We are especially mindful of at-risk populations and the unique challenges of urban communities.