This year’s theme of Canada’s Media Literacy Week is Digital Citizenship. Media Awareness Network (MNet) and the Canadian Teachers’ Federation (CTF) call on Canadians to encourage young people to reflect on their online lives, and their rights and responsibilities as they navigate the digital world. Cathy Wing, MNet’s Co-Executive Director, says “Through digital media, young people have a platform for communication and engagement that was nonexistent a generation ago. Adults have a huge role to play in ensuring youth also have the critical thinking skills to use this technology wisely and responsibly. With this year’s theme we want to encourage youth to use digital media for positive activities – for advocacy, creative expression and civic engagement.” November events include a Facebook contest, Internet Privacy Event, Digital Citizenship Video Screenings, Student Film Festivals and a National Film Board “CineRobotheque.” [events calendar]

Media Literacy Week Nov 7-11

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