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Media Literacy Summer Courses

Summer Professional Development 2012
Media & Technology Literacies: From Standards to Practice
This 3-week online course focuses on the construction of standards-based curriculum and supporting uses of technology to achieve educational goals. Participants operationally define the standards and definitions of media literacy and technology literacy from a national (USA) perspective. Participants align and integrate educational standards/goals and media and technology literacies according to the National Educational Technology Standards (NETS-S) and other relevant state and local standards. All participants receive a complimentary, signed copy of Rethinking Technology in Schools.
PD credit hours: 15
Duration: August 13-31, 2012 (3 weeks online)
Tuition/Fees: $299 per registrant (complimentary textbook)
Registration/Tuition Deadline: June 30th. [register now]

Top 10 Technologies for Educational Renewal
This self-paced module delves into what educators should really know and be able to do with digital technologies. The module leads participants through a collective exploration of (and simultaneous technical training in) the “Top Ten” technologies for middle and high school learning environments. Participants will discover the best tools of the Web 2.0 while building a personalized digital toolbox.
PD credit hours: 5
Duration: Self-paced; Must be completed between July 1 – Sept 1.
Tuition/Fees: $199 per registrant
Registration/Tuition Deadline: June 30th. [register now]
Media Literacy Summer Courses

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